Compassionate Divorce Coach for Women and their Families.

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 Divorce is a journey filled with complexities, uncertainties, and emotions. You don’t have to go through a divorce alone. My dedicated divorce coaching services are tailored to support and empower women at every stage of divorce. 

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I’ll walk beside you through change, creating a future in which you’ll truly thrive.

You deserve guidance, understanding, and a trusted companion on this journey. My coaching isn’t just about navigating legal proceedings or paperwork; it’s about providing you with a reassuring presence, a compassionate voice, and the resources you need to advocate for yourself and your family.

Educational support

From reading over documents to co-parenting education, I’ll be there to clarify, advocate, and connect you with trusted referral partners.

Emotional Support

I provide comfort during the discomfort of divorce. I aim to alleviate the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that accompany this challenging transition.

Bridging the Gaps 

Creating a flow and communicative bridge with your divorce team.


Hello, I’m Erica!

As someone who has walked the path of divorce, I understand the overwhelming emotions and challenges it brings—especially when family is involved. Throughout my own journey, I encountered incredible legal support, but I also recognized a critical gap in emotional guidance.

Navigating divorce isn’t just about paperwork and courtrooms; it’s about emotions, fears, and finding strength amidst uncertainty. That’s why I’m here—to fill that gap and offer the support I wished I had during the toughest parts of my divorce.

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“Navigating divorce can be a terrifying proposition. With Erica‘s guidance, I was better prepared to face the legal and emotional challenges to reach the best resolution for me and my children. Her experience, wisdom, and empathy were invaluable throughout the process. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”