You’re Not Alone. 

Divorce is a deep, personal journey that requires support, guidance, and understanding.

From the initial stages of considering divorce to navigating its complexities and the recovery process afterward, my services will make you feel heard, confident, and ready for new beginnings. 

divorce support for women

Life after divorce is about rediscovering your worth and rebuilding your happiness.

Pre-Divorce Coaching

 All relationships have their challenges: let’s walk the paths together.  Divorce or not let’s explore what is the best choice for you and your family,

pre divorce coaching
Divorce Parenting coaching

Family Coaching/Co-Parenting


My family coaching services provide parents with the tools and guidance they need to navigate sensitive conversations with their kids. I’ll teach you practical strategies to address your kid’s concerns and create a supportive environment that nurtures their emotional well-being during this transition. 

Divorce Recovery and Rebuilding


Personalized guidance, emotional support, and practical strategies to help you navigate the complexities of post-divorce life. Together, we’ll rediscover your strengths, find closure, and embrace new beginnings.

Divorce support and coach

kind words

Erica has been amazing throughout my divorce. She spends quality time listening, provides expert guidance and has reduced costs during my divorce. Thank you Erica!